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  1. Here’s an e-mail sent to a couple friends regarding my theory of what happened to Flight 447:
    Until the “Black Boxes” are recovered, only speculation can account for the tragic loss of Flight 447. I’ve read that UFOs got the plane, or that it just flew into another dimension. Guesses that lightning or iced-up pitot tubes were responsible abound. You may recall the 2001 photo where a vertical stabilizer was pulled out of some river up in New York or New Jersey. It was the intact vertical stabilizer from American Airlines Flight 587. You may recall that it broke off an Airbus A300 type plane before it crashed killing 260+ people. The NTSB ruled that the pilot gave excessive rudder inputs after hitting some wake turbulence so that the vertical stabilizer was over-stressed and broke off. They have retrieved the intact vertical stabilizer from Flight 447 that was found floating on the ocean surface. Seems like there is some evil connection here. I think the NTSB mistakenly blamed the AA flight crew and allowed the Airbus to continue supplying planes with a major structural flaw. Flt. 587 was relatively low and slow when it lost the fin and yet the resulting flight was so violent that both engines were slung off. Flt. 447 was at 30,000+ feet and flying through thunder storms towering to 50,000 feet. I’ve heard that the turbulence can be pretty rough where heavy loads can be placed on vertical stabilizers and such. I’ve read that these planes now have a rudder limiter device that limits the rudder’s travel at higher speeds, but that doesn’t help with the forces of nature in a thunder storm. I won’t be flying on an Airbus A300 any time soon.

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